A recipe twist

to fascinate your taste buds with new flavours

Latin passion, indulgent flavours

Because to enjoy a treat, you don't need a reason


Artisan...all the way!

Dedication, patience and care go behind every single treat we make... Labour intensive? You bet, but seeing pleased faces after every mouthful makes it all worthwhile!

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Suitable for all tastes

Our Alfajores can also be enjoyed gluten free. Same indulgent, melting in your mouth experience yet gentler to your tummy. You won't be able to stop at one, promise!

Indulge your belly

Original, Indulgent and Morish

Looking for show-stopping treats, better than macaroons and with amazing flavours? You won't be the same once you have discovered their indulgence!

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what customers say about our treats

We did not know about these delicious and light biscuits until Jen introduced them to us. They've become one of our staples on our cake display.  You will be addicted. Guaranteed 👍

Inci, Aromas

Our family absolutely loved them! I just can't believe how light and fluffy they are, the texture and flavour are amazing! Much better than macaroons! 💝💕

Agata, @yummysurrey

Very impressed with the service from Just Because Treats; beautiful presentation and a really different flavour - the Alfajor Cake is perfect for a special dessert perhaps with a glass of dessert wine! 

The Booker Family, Surrey

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love your alfajores! Lighter, slightly less sweet and somehow even tastier than macaroons (my original favourite treat!), I could happily devour a mountain of these.

Kia, Godalming

An absolutely delicious introduction to the South American cuisine. I have discovered the fabulous Alfajores, sweetcorn cheesecake and guasacaca sauce. All just too scrumptious to be treats!! ❤️

Jane, Surrey Foodies Emporium

I tried the sweetcorn cheese cake which had me wondering, was it savoury or was it sweet? It was definitely sweet and went very nicely with a cup of good coffee. I tried the alfajores... these are duos of light delicate biscuits with incredible flavours in between. 

Steve, Woking

Different tastes and aromas are a wonderful surprise in their alfajores. The latin inspired cakes that make one want just one more. I strongly recommend everyone to try. And try again.

Elsa, Denmark
To indulge you don't need a reason

Just because… you don’t need a reason

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Besides ordering online or via email, our produce is also available in selected speciality shops, independent coffee houses, local farmer’s markets and food festivals across London, the South East and further afield.

  • Ripley Farmers' Market
  • Kew Village Market
  • Surrey Farmers' Markets
  • Aromas Artisan Kitchen & Coffee
  • Priory Farm
  • Five Houses Farm Shop & Kitchen