Artisan Gluten-Free Alfajores

Alfajores (al-fa-ho-res) are soft, delicate biscuits traditionally filled with dulce de leche, a rich caramel cream, and rolled in coconut.

They are enjoyed all over South America at family gatherings and special occasions, bringing people together through the shared experience of delicious food. 

Made with cornflour and naturally gluten-free, the light and crumbly shortbread melts in the mouth for an exquisitely light yet indulgent treat. 

A whole range of mouth-watering flavours for you to choose from:

As well as the original Dulce de Leche with coconut, we also offer:

and new exciting flavours we keep discovering whilst testing alternative recipes.  

They are the perfect way to finish off a dinner party as an extra special treat for family and friends, and they make beautiful and unique wedding favours gifts. 

Gluten-Free AlfajoresLemon & Lime Mini Alfajores

They’re also a wonderful accompaniment to your favourite cup of tea or coffee, while you put your feet up for a well-deserved bit of ‘me time’ either at home or your favourite independent cafe.

Discover what Alfajores are all about, order your box today.

Go on, treat yourself!