Original Weddings Favours and Desserts Bar

Our handcrafted treats are lovingly created using locally produced ingredients, whenever possible, and are naturally gluten-free.

Wedding Favours

Original Edible Wedding FavoursIf you’re looking for a unique edible wedding favour ideas to wow your guests, our beautiful, unique and deliciously indulgent Alfajores are ready to make you proud.

Available in a variety of flavours, their light and crumbly texture melts in the mouth, giving your guests an experience to talk about and remember!

We supply Alfajores as wedding favours in a variety of sizes and flavours, boxed or wrapped with colours to suit your wedding theme.

And don't worry about the logistics, we will deliver them fresh to your wedding reception in Surrey and other venues(*) on the big day, so you have one less thing to think about. 

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*within Surrey / South London / Berkshire / Hampshire / Sussex / Hertfordshire



Need a little bit more convincing?
Check out Muddy Stilletos's review of our wedding favour miniature alfajores. 


Wedding buffet and dessert bar

Our range of delicious South American treats also makes up a heavenly dessert bar.
Along with our signature Alfajores, we also offer the following delightful treats to give your guests a dessert that they’ll be talking about for years to come:


Mini Cachapas

Mini cachapas

Cachapas are sweet pancakes made with corn which are enjoyed all over South America. Our miniature versions served with white cheese, make the perfect, light starting or ending to a delicious meal. 

Tres Leches / Fruit Pots

Mini Tres Leches desserts

This delicate, airy sponge cake topped with cream makes a wonderful accompaniment to after-dinner coffee, a welcome addition to any dessert bar.   


Cachitos - Ham and bacon nibbles

This staple Venezuelan pastry helps the country to wake up every morning! Similar in style to the French croissant, our tempting and sweet variation is filled with ham and smoked bacon. 


Ham and bacon mini rolls

A delicate filo pastry filled with white cheese, beef or a combination of mild cheese and sweet quince jelly (membrillo).




We can also provide a variety of other cakes and treats, depending on your personal tastes.

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